We, The Gods

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Transcript of OnionUnlimited podcast episode 061

HELLO AND WELCOME TO EPISODE 61 OF ONIONUNLIMITED—THE PODCAST. I’m your host, Daniel Torridon. When I speak of “Source” I mean the Divine Matrix, the Infinite Deep, the pre-existing quantum probability “grid” from which all thought and form arise. Source is [aware of all probabilities, but Source is not conscious, for it is] Timeless. Source is the “Father” Jesus spoke of, the creative force from which all manifested “reality” is possible.

El (or God) is not Source, at least not in its purest form. El arose from Source. The existence of El allowed for the duality that Source lacked. El is the means through which individual, temporal Consciousness is possible. El is the ego of Source, the Conscious Mind or Self, the divine sense of “I AM”.

El was duplicated many times over (from Source) to be the Elohim or “the gods” of Genesis chapter 1—unique instances of the One Mind, identical to El and fractal in nature. These are the angels and demons of Scripture and lore, and who we ourselves truly are. Each of us is Elohim, and we are identical to the next. We are the One Spirit, the “I AM”, but as Elohim we are also able to think autonomously and choose from an infinite number of probabilities from within the Divine Matrix of Source. 

Thus, El is able to have a conscious experience of itself as multiple egos, or Elohim, something which raw Source can not. Each instance of El (each “god”) can make its own choices, its own decisions, something Source neither does nor needs to do. Initially, El, collectively and as individual Elohim, knew “good” and “evil” only as probabilities without consequence. Consciousness was little more than one giant thought experiment! “Good” and “evil” were simply potential outcomes arising from potential choices, but as pure Mind, we knew these “choices” were intrinsically hypothetical and affected us in neither a desirable nor undesirable way. To truly and fully taste good and evil we needed more than simply Mind. We needed Body.

So we, the Elohim, created physical reality from the quantum matrix that is Source in order to test the probabilities of “good” and “evil” actions. As Genesis 1:1 reads, “In the beginning, God (or, “the gods”) created…”) In doing so we employed evolution to produce the diverse number of animal bodies and brains we see in the world around us. We then chose to blend with animal bodies in order to experience temporal Consciousness at a much lower frequency than our natural state allowed.

The experiences we Elohim can have when blended with flesh depends largely on the development of the animal’s brain. Initially, human bodies and brains were no different to animals but eventually, they reached a stage in their evolution where a Spirit blended with a human body could have a much fuller experience, one which now includes awareness of our natural form (ie. 5D Consciousness).

And so human bodies are the “image of El”, the “image of God”, the physical shells we Spirits inhabit to experience this temporal reality we call the Universe in all its fullness. The Adam and Eve story in Genesis alludes to this Conscious awakening in humans, this blending of flesh with Elohim, when El says “look they have become like one of us knowing good and evil”. 

The first evidence of stone tools being used appears around 3.5 million years ago. The evolutionary path we think led to the development of the genus Homo arose about 2.5 million years ago. Homosapiens came on the scene approximately 300,000 years ago, but it’s not until 6000 years ago that we are told in the Bible that Adam and Eve were “created”. Was that when Elohim found a fleshly temple suitable for the gods? Perhaps—and what does the future hold? Maybe computer “brains” will eventually reach a stage in their development where we will be able to blend with them also.

Jesus was an example of Elohim blended with flesh and living a “good” life. As much as it pains me to say, Hitler was also “one of us” making evil choices, but remember, there is only the One Mind. As Elohim, we are both Jesus and Hitler. We are the victims and the perpetrators of evil. We are the lovers and the loved. This physical reality we share is our attempt to “know good and evil” and ultimately to decide on which we shall live by.

Yes, we are the gods—the angels and demons of Scripture and lore. We are the Christs and the Devils. We are Elohim—One with Source—and “reality” depends entirely on how we use our Consciousness.

Image: Angels cannot be domesticated by Alex Grey