Judge Rutherford

What Watchtower Wrote—1925


“Since other Scriptures definitely fix the fact that there will be a resurrection of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and other faithful ones of old, and that these will have the first favor, we may expect 1925 to witness the return of these faithful men of Israel from the condition of death being resurrected and fully restored to perfect humanity and made the visible, legal representatives of the new order of things on earth.” — Millions Now Living Will Never Die, 1920 p. 88

“Based upon the argument heretofore set forth, then, that the old order of things, the old world, is ending and is therefore passing away, and that the new order is coming in, and that 1925 shall mark the resurrection of the faithful worthies of old and the beginning of reconstruction, it is reasonable to conclude that millions of people now on the earth will be still on the earth in 1925. Then, based upon the promises set forth in the divine Word, we must reach the positive and indisputable conclusion that millions now living will never die.” — Millions Now Living Will Never Die, 1920 p. 97

“I want the statement, ‘Millions now living will never die’ to be taken literally.” — J. F. Rutherford, March 1920

“Proof conclusive that millions now living will never die… the old world ended and began to pass away in 1914… this will be completed in a few years…” — The Harp of God, 1921 p. 333

“The Lord has placed the stamp of his seal upon 1914 and 1918 beyond any possibility of erasure… There can be no more question about 1925 than there was about 1914.” — Watchtower May 15, 1922 p. 150

“We should, therefore, expect shortly after 1925 to see the awakening of Abel, Enoch, Noah [et al.]…” — The Way to Paradise, 1924 pp. 224-225 by W E Van Amburgh, Secretary-Treasurer of the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society