What Watchtower Wrote—Recreation & Vacations


“Well, consider the kind of games that are played. Some are based on sports, but most are not. ‘The ultimate object of virtually all video games,’ says the magazine Natural History, ‘is survival. In the space games you must shoot them before they shoot you. In the Pac person genre, you eat them before they eat you. And in the comic character games, you assault the creature… before it assaults you.’ Why is it the violent games that have caught the imagination? Historian Jack Colhoun feels: ‘These games are a product of our times.’ We live in a violent world, and young people are trained to view violence as exciting rather than repugnant. Yet the Bible says: ‘Jehovah himself examines the righteous one as well as the wicked one, and anyone loving violence His soul certainly hates.'” — Watchtower July 15, 1983 p. 30

“The Christian must exercise self-control as to the time he spends enjoying entertainment, realizing that a person needs only so much entertainment to refresh himself, and after that point has been passed, entertainment becomes self-indulgent and a waste of time.” — Watchtower December 15, 1985 p. 22

“Vacation time gives us an opportunity to be away from our secular activity and enjoy a few days of relaxation. However, we do not want to take time off from serving Jehovah.” — Our Kingdom Ministry June, 1987 p. 4

“Even when we are on vacation, we keep to our regular spiritual routine of attending meetings wherever we are, and we look for opportunities to have conversations with those whom we meet.​” — Watchtower December, 2019 p. 7